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Inhibitif hair free FACE serum 30ml
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Inhibitif hair free FACE serum 30ml

Price per Unit (piece): $29.99

This highly-concentrated serum combines multiple proven mechanisms to help reduce the apparent prominence and density of facial hair over time until it becomes nearly invisible. Use with your regular beauty routine.



I LOVE this product, Highly Recommend!

Hello, this new product is fantastic. It definitely does what it says on the box and more.. leaves my skin so smooth! I am so happy with the results making my shaving time a lot less. Highly recommend. Enjoying more time getting ready now rather than shaving! ; )



I've been using this product now for just over 8 weeks (granted i had a weeks break in the middle due to a holiday) but I can honestly say I am seeing the benefits of using the product. I originally started using the product on my bikini line and i now use it on my legs and under arms. I can honestly say i am addicted. I normally wax and I have noticed the hairs growing back slower and also softer. Other than that, I am very happy and its also lasting ages!


Incredible results, Value for Money!

I cant recommend this product enough, i am so happy with the results. It started working very quickly and the results are great. It has a fresh smell and is really easy to use. Perfect for summer :)


Excellent Purchase!

I had read the reviews before I ordered and wondered if a product could really be that good but it is. I have been using it for 2 weeks and can see the results already - and the bottle is still almost full. Price appears to be expensive but it will last me ages so overall I am more than happy with my purchase.


It worked for Me!

I have used this product for underarms up until now and noticed a significant difference even though i haven't entirely followed up day to day routine.


Amazing Product!

I love this, it is amazing & I wish they had done something like this years ago. I have tried every hair minimising product on the market & this outdoes all of them & sometimes at a fraction of the cost. Health Boards are not interested in womens (and mens) excessive hair growth I am so glad that companies like this are out there coming up with products like this for woman & men who either have a problem with hair or just want to lessen their salon & razor buying trips


  • Aqua (water)
  • Butylene glycol
  • Dihydromyricetin
  • Propanediol
  • Tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Trisodium ethylenediamine disuccinate
  • Glycerin
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Chlorphenesin
  • Ethylhexylglycerin


1) How to Use INHIBITIF?

Follow directions on package, apply twice daily on shaved/ waxed body areas for up to 8 weeks or until hair appears nearly invisible. Always apply inhibitif first, either immediately after hair removal or after cleansing. Follow with self-tanning products, moisturisers, sun screen products and/or body makeup/bronzers if required. Once results are seen, maintain results by applying every other day ie. every 3-5 days.


2) Who can use INHIBITIF?

All skin types and All hair colours benefit from inhibitif.


3) How long till I see results with INHIBITIF?

We do recommend following package instructions and do a patch test first prior to application.

Results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks, with further results seen in 4- 8 weeks. Consistency is the most important factor in achieving and maintaining results with inhibitif. The results will be more dramatic and will happen more quickly if it is applied over waxed body areas.


4) What results can I expect?

Trials have shown when inhibitif is applied twice daily for up to 8 weeks , 93% of those trialed noticed a reduction in hair growth by up to 60%*. The hair was shown to appear thinner, finer and appears less prominent and less density. Results can start to be seen in as little as 2 weeks up to 8 weeks. However, results do vary by each individual.


(*Trials based on 30 volunteers applying inhibitif's natural active ingredient Dihydromyricetin on body hair, for up to 8 weeks, trials conducted by Provital Group, 2013).


5) Does INHIBITIF remove my hair?

No, inhibitif is not a depilatory. It reduces the apparent rate of hair growth over time so that you have to remove hair less often. It also minimises stubble, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation.


6) Who should not use INHIBITIF?

Individuals with severe skin irritation or peeling skin should not use inhibitif. Pregnant women should seek the advice of a doctor before use.


7) Where on the body can I apply it?

There are different inhibitif products used to apply for different areas of the body for eg,the body serum is best applied to the legs, thighs and stomach/ back area, the face serum is used for facial areas, and the deodorant is used for underarms.

How to Save

INHIBITIF offers many benefits beyond costs savings. But one key advantage of using INHIBITIF is indeed the savings it offers in terms of time and money. Click here to learn how.

How to Apply

Use daily under the arms to help fight bacteria while minimsing the need for hair removal. In 8 weeks or less, the hair growth, density and thickness are visibly reduced. Do not use on peeling or irritated skin. Avoid eye and lip contact. For external use only. In case of adverse reaction, contact your doctor. High temperatures may affect product colour.